I'm a creative professional with a career spanning retail, catalog and e-commerce, specializing in photo shoot conception, production, casting, and on-set direction and adept at building and leading teams to deliver on-budget, on-time and on-brand photography assets.  

If you are looking for an energetic, engaging and hands-on photo director who's also a team player willing and able to pitch in with whatever else needs to get done to make an awesome shoot -- I'm your guy.

I'll bring to set:

-Excellent organizational skills and keen attention to detail
-Knowledge and awareness of social media and its important role in brand marketing
-Effective communication with an ability to lead shoot crews of all sizes in a fast paced environment under tight deadlines, keeping up the energy while maintaining efficiency.
-A strong sense of urgency and a knack for creative problem solving.
-A positive attitude, lots of laughs and perhaps even my cute pup-slash-Ewok, Pepper.